Bud Light continues taking shots at mead in latest ad

Another football season bring another blitz from AB InBev and Bud Light.聽

If you’re like me, sitting on my couch for hours on end each Sunday, you’ve likely seen Bud Light’s latest commercial spot. Titled “Bud Lights for Everyone,” it continues the attack on good, hardy mead lovers that first began last fall.

While the king enters The Clumsy Sword offering a round of Bud Lights, one patron asks for “a nice mead” instead. The king makes the exception, then the patron asks that the mead be “autumnal.” The king once again agrees to the request and asks the barkeep for “one autumnal mead.”

As the patron asks that the mead be malty and full-bodied, the king has clearly had enough and sends the patron to the stockade.

Now, if Bud Light did their homework, they’d know better that mead won’t typically be malty, unless perhaps it’s a braggot. But hey, what can you expect from the “King of Beers?”

It’s interesting to see Bud Light and AB InBev continue to attack mead (with the implicit attacks on craft beer) instead of their former full-on attack of craft. However, it’s new tagline, “For the many, not the few” isn’t all that subtle.

Perhaps it’s because while AB InBev fears craft beer and its increasing presence in the marketplace, they’re still trying to sell more “craft” themselves. The international beverage juggernaut continues to buy up craft brands and add them to their own portfolios, so it may be difficult for them to blatantly beat up on craft for the time being.

Mead offers a new target for Big Beer to bully around, without alienating other craft brands it may be wooing behind closed doors.


  1. I鈥檓 sure all all Meads and the craft beer industry is thrilled you have their back, but you have to admit, the commercial is as funny as your defense is sad.



  2. Anything SABMillerCoorsABInBev makes is trash. They buy up brands, then change the recipes, cut corners and use adjuncts to cut the cost and up the volume. Look at German beers like Spaten. InBev took it over and it tastes skunky and weak like Beck’s now. The commercials just prey on the people who dont care what they drink as long as it says “beer” on the can and its as cheap as it can be. That guy who goes to bars only on $1 draft night and orders a Bud Light. Real beer isnt made with rice. Real beer is made in smaller batches and is worth $12 for a six pack. If you think the commercials are funny…well thats up to you. The fact is Bud is scared of craft so they have to mock it as some hipster thing. They even have to invent fake “crafty” labels like Shock Top and Blue Moon (owned by MillerCoors, the “made in Golden, Colorado is a dead giveaway).



  3. The fact that they even recognize mead says that the are feeling some pain from the trend to not drink their products. More power too you. Does this comment get me a coupon for a free 6 pack?



  4. Did you guys get the point of the commercial? They are poking fun at the fact that the guy is a snob who requires a specific very unique drink. They aren鈥檛 making fun of mead at all 鈥 its the fact that the guy won鈥檛 shut up and drink the free beer that is offered. Even if you don鈥檛 like mass produced beer, it鈥檚 funny. Need to lighten up and quit being like the dude in the ad.

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  5. Love the commercial. But AB knows their audience. As a pub owner once told me when he bought an existing place, the first thing he did was get rid of all the bud and miller products, it has the effect of getting rid of all the drunks and problematic patrons who would come to the original establishment. He said he preferred professional drinkers who could put down several pints and not have it cause problems.



    1. We have a German pub in our neighborhood who did something similar. For months after they opened Cheap ass Beer drinkers kept coming in looking for a $3 Millers. Barkeeps would just send them down the street to the dive bars…… no more bar fights, no more drunken idiots, and guess what, Hot chicks started coming into the bar on a regular basis… Its a WIN all around..



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